Holiday Dresses That Transition to Real Life

We've all done it, we spend too much on dresses for all our holiday RSVP's and then never touch those gorgeous silky, velvety, sequinsy, dresses again. Fret no more! Now those pretty little pieces can live-on with a few style hacks. Here's how our fave super models and it-girls style their party dresses for their day to day.


Concrete Runway - Natasha Poly Style Inspo - Black Silky Slip Dress
Natasha Poly makes this silky black slip dress look effortless by pairing it with embroidered pointy loafers.
 Concrete Runway Holiday Dresses - Gigi Hadid Style Inspo - Black Slip Dress
Gigi Hadid layers her slip dress with a lace bralette and mid-calf booties for an edgier touch. *PRO TIP: Throw a denim jacket on any dress to transition it from evening gown to day-time cool.
Concrete Runway-Celeb Style-Rhianna in a Black Slip Dress
Rhianna wears her black slip dress with a cap and hoop earrings. Add a leather jacket for extra spice.


Concrete Runway - Hailey Baldwin Style Inspo - Velvet Dress
Hailey Baldwin styles her velvet dress with a top not and mid calf booties for a day time casual look. Oh and lets not disregard the choker and aviators. A+ Hailey!  
Concrete Runway Holiday Dresses - Kendal Jenner Style Inspo - Velvet mini dress
Kendal Jenner wears a velvet trench dress with thigh high boots and simple gold jewelry. Simple, cool, stylish... #yesplease! 

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